About Us

Runners, events organisers and volunteers

Pennington Events was established by Bill, Katie, Pete and Rob in 2013 to stage challenging yet accessible running events in Leigh and the surrounding area.


Three of the founding members remain, and we still love staging events which give participants a great running experience and a sense of achievement.



L-R: Bill Bradley, Pete Medlicott and Katie Taggart

Bill Bradley
Bill has been involved in race management for many years and has worked with a wide range of organisers from local charities and running clubs through to large events like the Rock and Roll series as well as being a main stay of the EHM operations team.

Favourite thing about running?

Rather than concentrating on his own running, Bill enjoys training and supporting runners to meet their goals. He particularly likes thinking of routes with "undulations" to test his groups, often forgetting to mention the inclines in the briefing.

Best recovery food?

Bill can often be found at an ice cream van after a run and gets particularly grumpy if there's no sherbet and "juice" on his 99 to replenish his blood sugars.

Most annoying running habit?

Getting injured, falling over and getting injured, volunteering and getting injured! Bill says he attracts calamity due to his magentic personality.

Pete Medlicott
Pete is the IT brain of the company.  Pete has been a keen runner for over 15 years. He is a qualified run leader and has gained experience in leading running groups for a wide range of clients from Council funded provision through to private running groups.

Dream running location?

Pete recently fell in love with the trails in Boulder, Colorado. It has the perfect combination of accessible but challenging trails, fantastic views and a laid-back culture for post-run socialising.

Favourite race event?

Pete's favourite race is the Tour of Merseyside, which is actually a series of 6 races over 7 days. The mix of distances, terrains and great atmosphere have encouraged him to complete three "Tours" so far... nothing to do with the post-race traditional ice cream.

Best running fuel?

Banana Soreen! We think it's because he doesn't have to share with banana-hater, Katie, during long runs.

Katie Taggart
Katie is the numbers person on the team. She is a keen runner and is an Event Director at Pennington Flash parkrun.

Biggest running achievement?

Katie enjoys running almost too much, completing a year's running streak in December 2017. The only negative she can find about running every day is the volume of washing it creates!

Worst running conditions?

Katie can't stand the heat and will complain bitterly in any season which isn't winter about how warm it is (whilst running every day anyway, obviously).

Favourite running partner?

Katie enjoys running with her son, Isaac, and they have completed over 70 parkruns together. It does usually take some bribery to get him to the finish line, with Creme Eggs proving the most successful incentive so far!